Travel Essentials: Hair

Travel Essentials: Hair


George Carlin has a comedy routine in which he says the word “stuff” about 150 times in five minutes (you should YouTube it). The tl;dr version is that we are madly obsessed with material possessions and traveling gives us one more excuse to saddle ourselves with our baggage (Alexa, play “Bag Lady” by Erykah Badu). In keeping with my tradition of buying way more shit than will ever be necessary, I scooped up a couple of sets from Sephora for my hair and skin. 

The first is Sephora’s Summer Favorites Summer Hair Saviors value set. My husband has the basketball haircut that all the young kids have, so his curls require a bit more maintenance than the style portrays. It’s the masculine version of sexy bed head, which seems easy but is really the result of a curling wand and meticulous tousling of the hair. I had to break him out of the habit of using basic shampoos when at home and traveling, especially those god awful free ones from hotels. To keep his hair moisturized and healthy, he likes DevaCurl and MoroccanOil. This set offered both, and we ended up finding out that Briogeo Leave In and Caviar’s Anti-Frizz Oil works for the both of us. The couple that conditions together, stays together. 

Since we don’t have fine, straight hair, several of these products went in the trash. Sea salt spray sounded questionable (and crunchy), and the beach is already rough enough on my hair as it is. Many of the products were geared toward beach hair, full of long, carefree waves. Since my hair is about as long as my husband’s, I wasn’t their demographic. However, Living Proof’s Humidity Shield was a fine substitute for my HG Chi Silk Infusion Spray-which was too big for my carryon. All together, I used 7 of the 12 featured products and would definitely purchase the set again. 

To get my hair ready vacay ready, I do the following:

1. Wash with Nazoral (dry scalp for life!)

2. Steam and deep condition with Klorane’s Abyssinia Oil mask

3. Rub a dime sized amount of Moroccan Oil in hair, then spray on Briogeo Leave In and Caviar Anti-Frizz oil

4. Blow dry on low

5. Press roots (I don’t get relaxers or perms!)

5. Spray Redken Guts 10 on undercut and blow dry again (I have the Rihanna/Kelis haircut, and this keeps the shorter sides and rat tail slicked down)

6. Spray hair with Chi Shine Infusion and style with 1/2 inch ceramic flat iron

For hubby’s hair: 

1. Wash with Nazoral (our scalps were made for each other)

2. Condition with Marajo Deep Treatment Butter  

3. Rub a dime sized amount of MoroccanOil in hair, then spray on Briogeo Leave In and Caviar Anti-Frizz oil

4. Curl and define hair with DevaCurl Coconut Curl Styler

Travel Essentials: Skin

Travel Essentials: Skin

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