Kat Campbell-Houston,  Creator of  Kutlery

Kat Campbell-Houston, Creator of Kutlery



Kutlery is a communal space centered around food and travel. What began as a hobby and an outlet, I seek to foster a community where women derive joy, nourishment and confidence from new experiences. My approach to food is to have fun, try something you might not like and make a mess. I plan to speak plainly and frankly about my misadventures in the kitchen.

By happenstance, I began cooking in 2012 and it became a calling. I found a way to be both nurturing and commanding, and creative and analytical. I dove into every cookbook from Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child to My Life on a Plate by Kelis. I collect art history books, finding inspiration in colors and textures.

My aim is to inspire women to take even the smallest step toward what makes you happy. Kutlery wasn't built in a day-and that's quite alright.